We deliver reliable:

From our lumber mills:
Pine, spruce, larch, oak construction timber up to 13,50 meters length, as well as frame work timber, dimension lumber, boarding, pallet boards, ties, pine unedged lumber, knotless pine sides (building supplies fixed length), ram piles.

From our planing and cleaving works:

Rough planed tongued and grooved boards, planed flooring boards, chamferedand smooth edged boards, log house boards. Construction timber and squared logs - planed, chafered, grooved and according to drawing moulded. Laths, mouldings, hardwood and confierous wedges. Paid processing, also from largest and most difficult dimensions .

From our cross-cutting and trenching station:

Construction timber, squared logs and dimension lumber, square edged cutting with least measuring tolerances; if required, also with mitre cut.

From our technical large-scale drying plant:
Technical drying of our complete production program to customer`s required moisture. Paid drying up to 600 cubic meters per dried load.

From our impregnating works:
Lumber and timber impregnation in vaccum or pressure boiler impregnation based on salt solution. Dipping impregnation based on oil or salt.

Further specialities:
Edge-protected planks, prefabricated building fence elements, exavator mattresses, road mats, special size pallets, milled palisades and piles, wood for hydraulic structures.

We help to solve your technical timber problems. We are looking forward to your detailled enquiries.